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Our Break

Love Billy is taking some personal time until May.

Read on for a little explanation.



I've always been transparent. Here are answers to some questions you may have.



No. I want to make some changes and sometimes you just need to walk away from what you have for a while to figure out how to get it done. I plan on being back in May!



I mean, if there was ever a time for shit to be turned upside down, it's now. During a pandemic. While I home school my kid. While I can't fly back to NYC to work. While I'm stuck in a house with my loud husband. This kind of chaos really makes you reconsider how your life is going. And I wasn't quite thrilled with work.




When I started Love Billy! it was to fill a void in my creative life that needed simplicity. Too many choices stressed me out. I wanted one necklace. I wanted one t-shirt. I wanted one awesome super-high-quality suede pouch. I spent weeks deciding the thickness of that suede, the type of zipper. And now I don't get to do that. I feel stress of picking a graphic every few weeks to keep the website looking fresh. Not at all what I wanted to be doing.

I also wanted a brand that I would respect as a consumer. I never wanted to do sales. I never wanted to have "you left this in your cart" emails. I never wanted ads to pop up on peoples browsers. I hate that, so I didn't want to subject anyone else to it.

Then that changed, too. I felt pressure from others to set up a marketing list. Schedule news letters. I'm sorry but a new sweatshirt is NOT news.



Your orders are safe. They are being processed. We will still have a skeleton crew to handle customer service and shipping.



This Pandemic has been hard on everyone in our office.

The best part of our jobs was the social bond we all had. Sisters more than coworkers. The office was our second home, our living room. At least two of us have slept there on more than one occasion. Being forced to work from home meant we couldn't walk to get coffee together, pour each other wine at 5pm, we didn't have shoulders to cry on. To be honest, it was lonely.

Some people don't want to stay in New York. Some people left the city and never came back. Some people want to use this time to explore what they want in life. 

We have a bond that will never be broken. And I'm so proud of my sisters. Can't wait to see where everyone goes from here. 

Take care, use this time wisely.

See you in the Spring!

Love, Candice