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faq COVID-19



FIRST OF ALL: thank you for being so patient with us while we work through everything that is going on. You can always reach us via email at for any and all questions.

With the COVID-19 pandemic situation constantly changing, we wanted to let you know that we are here and that we are doing our part to stay safe while keeping Billy! up and running.

We’d like to answer some questions you had!

Are you taking care of your team? 

Yes. Our team has the option of working from home, though the office is still available to them whenever they want. In our office, masks are work, hand sanitizer is plentiful, and hand washing is frequent. Visitors are restriced and deliveries and pickup happen outside the office door. All employees are receiving full pay even though they keep taking breaks at 2PM to shower and make snacks.

Are you still shipping orders?

We are, but the speed of processing has been adjusted. Right now we are working on a schedule of shipments and order processing that allows us to safely get your packages out 1-3 times a week. The variation allows for bad days and good days. We are also working on restocking some "sold out" products but some things might be taking longer than usual to come back into stock.

I ordered something and only got part of my order? 

Don’t worry! We ship out anything that we can as soon as we can. If your order has multiple items, we will ship out whatever we can first. Because things are slower all over the world, we might be waiting on restocks and inventory shipments to get to us, ,This means that your order goes out in two separate shipments, but we won't charge for the extra shipping and you'll know as soon as the rest of your order goes out.

I ordered something that can’t be shipped anytime soon...when will I receive my order?

We are running at almost full capacity, but Billy! has always had products that are available for "pre-sale" or take time to make. We will always do our best to list this information on the product page, but you can always email us at and get an update. 

But I ordered something in February/March and it still hasn’t shipped?

This keeps us up at night. Unfortunately, a portion of our products were frozen in transit/production because of COVID related restrictions. And some orders just got lost in the chaos of March. A very small amount of orders are still unfulfilled - even though they were placed well before any quarantine orders were given. If you are still waiting on a product, please email us IMMEDIATELY at so we can fix it for you.