faq COVID-19



With the COVID-19 pandemic situation changing daily, we wanted to let you know that we are here and that we are doing our part to stay safe and to keep others from harm while keeping Billy! up and running as best we can. 

Our office (we just have the one) is closed in compliance with New York City restrictions. This office will remain closed to employees and the public until it is safe to reopen. In the meantime, our online store is open and our customer service and social media is fully functional.

We’d like to answer some questions you had!

Are you taking care of your team? 

Yes. Aside from our amazing interns, who are students and have left to be with their families, our whole team is functional and working from home! These employees are receiving full pay even though they keep taking breaks at 2PM to shower.

Are you still shipping orders?

We are, but the speed of processing had to be adjusted. We will safely ship as our capacity allows. The packaging and even shipping origin might look odd, but it is still us! We’ve just had to get a little creative. We are working to make other products available to ship to you right now but in the meantime please know that you can still place your order!

I ordered something and only got part of my order? 

Say you’ve ordered one thing that can be shipped safely and one thing that cannot. Don’t worry! We will ship out anything that we can, but because we are only able to safely ship some of our product, you’ll only get that part of your order for now. The rest will come as soon as we are able to reopen.

I ordered something that can’t be shipped anytime soon...when will I receive my order?

Unfortunately, that is the biggest question right now. We are working to safely ship whatever orders we can but it is, for the most part, out of our control. As soon as it is safe for our team to return to normal functionality, we will. 

But I ordered something in February/March and it still hasn’t shipped?

This keeps us up at night. Unfortunately, a portion of our products were frozen in transit/production because of COVID related restrictions. A small amount of orders are still unfulfilled - even though they were placed well before any shelter-in-place orders (or PAUSE as New York calls it) were given. As we watched what was happening around the world, our team made the decision to work from home in early March, before it was mandated by the state. But don’t worry, we are making sure that the Custom Tag Necklace you ordered for a late Valentine’s Day gift is safe for now.