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Where is my custom necklace?

All custom tag necklace orders take 6-8 weeks to create. Outside of specific holiday deadlines, there are no exceptions to this timeline. That means that it arrives to our shipping office in 6-8 weeks. After that, we ship it out immediately to you!

How do I wear the Tag Necklace?

The Tag Necklace is designed to fit over your head and have one tag in the back of the neck and one tag in the front – but it’s up to you. Twist it around so both tags show. Whatever you want.

Why is it called an “Edition” Tag Necklace?

Edition Tag Necklaces have limited supply runs. Limited Edition.

What kind of gold do you use?

Billy! gold is solid 14K yellow, but with its own recipe of alloys that gives it a bright hue.

What kind of silver do you use?

Solid sterling silver. Not plated.

Will my necklace tarnish? What if it does?

Sterling silver does tarnish with time and sometimes wear. This is a chemical reaction that can happen when left unworn or when it comes in contact with certain soaps, lotions, or perfumes. Sometimes even a person’s own skin can react with silver. 

If your jewelry tarnishes, simply rub it with a polishing cloth or any household silver cleaner.

If you have an allergic reaction to silver or gold, stop wearing it and see a doctor. Billy! cannot take responsibility for any reactions an individual may have to any metals!

Why is my necklace no longer shiny?

Because you love it! Gold and silver scratch with wear. That’s good! The more you wear it the more it looks loved. If you absolutely must have it polished, we know a guy. Email for details.