Candice Pool Neistat has designed award winning jewelry for over a decade.

18k gold covered in diamonds, rare ruby engagement rings worth as much as a Tesla. You wouldn't know it by looking at her.

She's usually late to work, carrying a latte (whole milk) from Starbucks, wearing her husband's ratty old sweater, jeans, and a pair of high-tops.

Not exactly the image of perfection that one would expect. It's that tomboy, don't-care-style, so essential to Candice, that needed an outlet.

Love Billy! is that outlet.

"It's a brand built on the idea that there is no right way to do something.

Sort of. I mean, I had wanted to make these tag necklaces for a long time. But felt I couldn't because they didn't fit the delicate, feminine brand I had built over the last 12 years. But I really, really liked this necklace. The right thing to do would be to focus on the company I had already invested a third of my life into. But that's not my right way.

I started a whole new brand. Fuck it."